Cura Nutrition™ was created as a nutritional food supplement company by husband and wife team, Arnie Liepa and Susan Warris-Liepa, in order to bring innovative, evidence-based supplements that really make a difference to people’s health, to the UK and EU marketplace.

Having grown a successful natural supplement import, distribution and marketing business in the UK/EU serving consumers, independent health food stores, pharmacists and health practitioners Arnie and Susan understood their customers’ needs and saw a gap in the market for a consumer brand that would offer a high-quality retail version of the practitioner only products they had been selling and marketing in the UK and EU for many years.

The first product in their Cura Nutrition™ portfolio was Cura Sporebiotics DAILY. This supplement leads the way for the next generation of probiotic product development. Developed in conjunction with leading research microbiologist Kiran Krishnan and functional medicine practitioner Dr Tom Bayne (Co-Founders of Microbiome Labs Inc), Cura Sporebiotics DAILY has been created using leading scientific research and pharmaceutical grade ingredients.  The second product to be introduced under the Cura Nutrition brand is the Cura Precision Prebiotic – a specific formula of 3 non-digestible fibres to feed the keystone bacteria in the microbiome. The Cura Precision Prebiotic works hand in hand with the Cura Sporebiotics – enhancing the work of the spores. Their third supplement in the range is a critical nutrient – one that we should all be taking – Vitamin K2-7 in order to support our bone health, heart health and mitochondria health.  Learn more about these unique products in the blog section of this website.

As part of their company philosophy, it is important to Arnie and Susan that they are not just bringing best in class, natural food supplements to market, but they are also helping to inform and educate their customers so that people can make  wiser health choices for themselves and their families.

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family”                                                                                             Kofi Annan

Ref: Kofi Annan, United Nations Press Release SG/SM/6268 23 June 1997