bacillus sporebiotics longterm
Is it okay to take bacillus sporebiotics long term?

We asked Kiran Krishnan, Research Microbiologist & CSO for Microbiome Labs LLC and co-formulator of Cura Sporebiotics the question – Is it okay to take Cura Sporebiotics or bacillus sporebiotics long term?

Kiran Krishnan’s answer:

“The simple answer to this question is yes!  Nature has designed these organisms to be something that we get exposed to on a regular basis. But we don’t have that kind of lifestyle anymore where we get regular exposure to Bacillus spores. These spores act transiently, meaning that they go to your system, and do a bunch of repair work. They do a bunch of metabolic activities to support the rest of the microbiome. So, it’s like they are doing a lot of really important housekeeping functions.

But then they’re also designed to leave after a few weeks. So, they maintain this continuous flow through the system where they come in. They do a bunch of housekeeping things that are extremely important to you and then they leave and they go back out to the environment. It is important to get ontinuous exposure to the spores because they do pull against things that disrupt your gut. For example, we (Microbiome Labs) published a study in August 2019 showing that when your gut goes through a certain amount of damage because of antibiotic use, and when you add in Bacillus spores, it can actually start to pull back and help reverse some of that damage that was caused by the antibiotics.

We also did a study on kid’s microbiomes with exposure to Roundup (a glyphosate-based herbicide).  We found that when you expose a child’s microbiome to Roundup (at the herbicide levels you find in lots of foods in the USA) you get very distinct dysbiosis and damage to the microbiome in a relatively short amount of time. But if you expose the child’s gut to Roundup (via food that was sprayed in the field) while they are taking the Bacillus spores, the spores actually reduce that damage and in fact in many ways start repairing it. So, the spores act as continuous protection for your gut, for your microbiome, because we are inevitably surrounded by things that are continuously damaging our gut.

It’s no different than wearing a seatbelt, right? You wouldn’t get in your car and say I’m just going to wear my seatbelt every third day that I drive because I’ve driven hundreds of times and never got into an accident. You put your seatbelt on, before you drive away because it’s part of the safety protective mechanism for that action. Cura Sporebiotics access that safety and protection for your gut in the toxic world that we live in.”

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