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9 Vegetables that Trigger Bloating and Flatulence

Vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet. Regular intake of vegetables is associated with a lower risk of many serious diseases and they provide a wide range of nutritional benefits. Unfortunately, eating too much of certain vegetables can also cause flatulence and other digestive issues like belly bloat, intestinal cramps and even diarrhoea.

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Are you deficient in Vitamin K2?

Vitamin K is often misunderstood, and thought of as a single vitamin, however it’s actually a made up of a group of fat-soluble K vitamins that come in two main forms, K1 (Phylloquinone) and K2 (Menaquinone).

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Why are Digestive Enzymes essential for Health?

Healthy digestion begins with the natural secretion of digestive enzymes. The enzymes break down food into macronutrients, which in turn provide energy to every part of our body, allowing us to function effectively.  There are different digestive enzymes for every stage of the digestive process, from specific enzymes, such as amylase, produced in our salvia, through to proteases, lipases and carbohydrases that work in the small intestines.

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6 Probiotic Myths busted

It’s no wonder that many people struggle to know what probiotic to take. Not only is there a wealth of research to understand, but with so many probiotics now available product advertising can also leave consumers more confused than ever.

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Should we take Cura Sporebiotics long term?

We recently asked Kiran Krishnan, Research Microbiologist & CSO for Microbiome Labs LLC and co-formulator of Cura Sporebiotics the question – Is it OK to take Cura Sporebiotics long term?